​Lifestyle Transformation Coaching

​Tired of not being excited for your life? Let me help. Using my three step system, we can help you re-discovery yourself and re-claim your excitement for your life.

lifestyle transformation coaching

​Happiness Coaching Intensive

​Tired of always searching for the one thing that will make you happy? Thinking that if only you could fix this one part of your life it would all be better? Stop the constant searching, let's dive in and get you headed in the right direction.

andrea travillian

​Reiki - Frisco, TX and Distance Healing

​​Reiki is one of my favorite ways to restore energy. Remove old stagnant energy and feel refreshed.

reiki therapist frisco

​Journaling Workshops

​Journaling is my go to option for digging in and learning about myself and healing emotional wounds. In this one day workshop I teach you the basics of journaling for emotional healing.

journal workshop

​Journal Prompt E-book

​Never be stuck with a blank page. This e-book has 110 Journal Prompts for Self Discovery, Divorce, Emotional Healing and More

journal workshop