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Reiki Frisco Texas

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of energy healing. 

Reiki is a ​technique that is used to ​bring relaxation and release that what is not serving you.

Reiki is a great compliment to traditional medicine (it is not a substitute). Our four bodies (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical) all work together. When one is out of line, the rest will struggle. Reiki is just one way to assist you in keeping the four balanced.​

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What are sessions like?

​In person sessions are ​currently unavailable. Distance healings can be done anywhere! (For more information on distance healing click here)

I combine Reiki and life coaching​ in person. Often times our stress and life issues are due to things we can impact and change. ​This is especially beneficial if you have been doing a lot of emotional healing. Reiki helps keep your energy clear so you can continue the work.

We begin our session with a chat about what is going on in your life and what you may be having issues with. Then we do the reiki treatment. Afterwards we talk again. I share what came up and we can put together a plan that will help you address what issues you need to work on.

Reiki can be done hands on or hands off. I personally use a hands off method, it allows me to feel where the energy needs to go better. After the Reiki we will have another chat about what I felt and what messages from your guardian angels came through. (I am also an intuitive.) Most of these messages are directly related to what is currently blocking you and giving you problems.

Sessions are approximately 50 minutes.

Reiki Costs

An in person session is $​1​79
​How to Schedule?

At this time I am not offering in person sessions. I will ​continue to re-evaluate and put information here.​  I am still doing distance Reiki sessions. You can learn more about those here: Reiki Distance

If you are still interested in the coaching aspect that comes with the in person Reiki, I am still doing virtual coaching via my online video software. You can learn more about the coaching here: Life Coaching