Journaling Prompts for Healing

​Journaling is my favorite way to work towards understanding and healing emotional wounds. ​Using journaling prompts for healing was one of my favorite ways to discover what emotional trauma I was carrying.

Below are are some of my favorite journaling prompts for emotional healing. And some insight into how ​each one will help you heal emotionally.

journaling prompts for healing

But first, I also want to cover what exactly a journal prompt is.

It is simply a sentence that gets your mind thinking. You use that in your ​journal as a starting point to dig in and figure out why you are feeling the way you are. Or even why you find yourself in the same situation over and over again.

These repetitive situations are usually a sign that you ​have an emotional wound that needs healed. Journal prompts are designed to help you figure out what you are feeling, if you have been in the same situation before - and best of all discover things you did not even know were a problem!

That right there is my favorite part of jouranling. If you allow yourself to flow with the writing amazing things can be uncovered.

Once you have used these prompts to dig and find those emotional wounds, you can begin to heal them.  For more on healing your emotional wounds, check out my article on emotional healing tools.

Now onto the journal prompts for healing!

​Why are you looking for approval?

​Ideally we don't need anyone to approve or validate us. But we are not all raised this way, and instead we have to begin to search for why we are looking for approval.

Typically once we find that we can uncover the limiting belief that is blocking our self love. This we can heal and allow ourselves to be free of trying to fit in.

looking for approval
​​Am I fully acknowledging my feelings?

Feeling our feelings can be scary.

Especially when they are bad. But only when we allow ourselves to feel them and acknowledge they are there, can we begin to heal them.

So what feelings are you trying to hide and bury?​

acknowledge feelings
​​​How am I numbing my feelings?

​If you are finding it difficult to acknowledge your feelings, it may help to determine how you are numbing them.

Once you know how you try to avoid them, you can begin to stop before that and try and figure out what the feeling is.

Then heal the emotion versus numbing it.

numbing feelings
What am I 100% in control of today?​

When things are tough we can feel like we have no control over anything.

Yet when we stop and realize exactly how much in our lives we do control, it can be easier to begin the healing work you need.

This was a big one for me when going through my divorce. Once I saw what I could control, it was easier to see the feelings that I needed to heal.

in control of today
What positive changes have come from this difficult time?

It is often hard to hear this, especially in the middle of those hard times. Yet when we look at every situation with the the idea that we are going to learn and grow it becomes easier.

How is this good for emotional healing? First while you are in it you can use this to help you find what needs healed. Second, knowing that down the road things will be better can help a ton.

I personally found many things that needed emotional healing by looking at it from the idea that I could grow from every situation.

positive changes from difficult times
What other areas of life have I had a similar problem in?

​Limiting beliefs and old emotional wounds will typically mess around with multiple areas of your life.

Look for the pattern to figure out what the beliefs are that you need healed.

For example, a limiting belief that you are not good enough will show up in relationships, money and career. Find the similar problems, and it is easier to heal the cause.

similar problems

​Looking for more tips on how to journal, especially for emotional healing? Check out my article on jouranling for emotional healing.

​Looking for more journal prompts? Check out my book on Journal Prompts for Self Discovery, Divorce and Emotional Healing

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