How To Get Unstuck Writing in Your Journal

I woke up for my regular routine, the key for me to be balanced. A very simple routine - coffee and journaling. Most mornings this goes off without a hitch. Except every once in a while, no matter what I try, I can’t write in my journal.

I am stuck. Luckily this morning it is because I had just figured out a major hurdle. For the moment I was clear of issues weighing me down. No pressing emotions, no mental blocks or even spiritual ones.

tips for keeping a journal

But I know that if I miss too many days of journaling things pile up. I also don’t feel as pulled together. It is like journaling is that final accessories that I need to add to my outfit for the day.  Without it, things might look okay, but they just are not exactly right.

Luckily, I have a few tricks I use when I can’t write. And on this day, one of them helped me solve a limiting belief I did not even know I had! Which makes me happy, as I can solve an issue before it becomes a problem!

Would you like to know what my tricks are?

Let me share them with you!

​Ask the Question and Walk Away

If you are trying to solve a problem, then write down the question(s) that you have around that problem. Write down as many as you can think of. Then walk away.

Yes, that is right don’t journal about them!

Why? When you do this, you are signaling to the Universe and your subconscious that you need help. You are announcing to both that you would like some answers. And luckily, most of the time you get an answer, or at least a starting point to solving it!

How long should you stay away? This is all up to you, it can be five minutes or an entire day. It doesn't matter. The point is that you're putting the questions out there and allowing the answers to start coming to you.

You're not stressing about it. You're not creating an issue about it. You're letting the answers come to you. You let them flow in.

Sometimes I even do this at night right before bed. This way I clear my mind and allow my subconscious to work while I am sleeping. First thing in the morning, grab your pen get to writing!


The second thing that you can do is meditate. I do this when I'm able to write, but things are very scattered. Or I am slowing down but know there is something very close to being ready to come out!

I do a five-minute meditation where I focus on my breathing to start to center myself. Then I visualize myself opening my crown chakra. Followed by imagining universal energy to connect with me and stream ideas to me. Then after that I visualize grounding myself. I do this by imagining a cord connecting my root chakra to the core of the earth. I finish with another few deep breaths while imaging the energy flowing through me. By the time I do this quick five-minute meditation, I'm usually able to pick up my journal and tune in to what I need to do.

If you are stuck on a specific problem, you can try a problem-solving meditation. I recorded a problem-solving meditation that you can get here on YouTube.

​Journal Prompts

Journal prompts are a great way to get your thoughts flowing. Journal prompts are sentences or ideas that help focus your mind in one direction. They can also trigger ideas or questions around what you were working on.

You can Google these they are everywhere!

You can also create your own. I went through an old journal and pulled out all the questions that I noticed worked for me. I made them into a little deck of cards I can use when I get stuck.

I will give you an example of a journal prompt so you can get the idea. “Write out what your new identity is if you follow your dream.”

Need more journal prompts? Check out my articles on journal prompts, or my ebook for 109 prompts!

​Oracle Cards

Like journal prompts, using a deck of oracle cards allows you to focus you mind in a specific direction.

You can use any deck that you feel drawn to. I have two decks that I use.

One is called Grace Cards from Cheryl Richardson. I got these about 14 years ago and still use them! The other deck that I use is by Kyle Grey Angel Prayers.

What I do is first determine which deck feels right to use on that day. Then I shuffle the cards and pull one. Once I have pulled the card, I will ask myself how this applies to what I am working on right now. Or if there is another meaning that the card was drawn for. Then I write!

Some extra questions you might consider are:

What does that mean? Why did I draw this card? What does that have to do with my problem? Is it the solution to my problem?

​Re-Read Past Journal Entries

Sometimes I will go back and re-read my previous journal entries. Sometimes something will jump out at me as something to explore and expand upon.

Hopefully these will get your creative juices and emotions flowing to start your journal.