​What does healing have to do with you achieving your goals?

​Anytime something is not working it needs to be fixed. This can be anything from your car to your ​organization to your self sabotaging ways.

If you want to find success you need to heal what is broken.

​What does healing look like?

​This depends on what we are working on. I have a large tool kit to help us address each problem in the way that works the best for you.

  • Physical health - creating a self care plan. This is more than just time for a bath, but a complete look at wellness.
  • Limiting beliefs - rewire in your brain with tools like tapping and meditation. ​
  •  Lacking confidence - create a life experience map that allows you to push yourself beyond normal and show yourself you can do it!
  • Wrong goals - create a new life plan.

​​As you discover and then heal what is stopping you from achieving your goals, you make the thriving part of life easier​!

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