6 Journaling Prompts for Healing

journaling prompts for healing

Journaling Prompts for Healing​Journaling is my favorite way to work towards understanding and healing emotional wounds. ​Using journaling prompts for healing was one of my favorite ways to discover what emotional trauma I was carrying. Below are are some of my favorite journaling prompts for emotional healing. And some insight into how ​each one will help […]

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Holidays After Divorce: Creating New Cheerful Memories

holidays after divorce

Are you facing your first holidays after divorce?Not sure how to manage spending the holidays alone? Or making the holidays special for the kids with everything they have been through? I know what you are going through. In 2016 I faced my first holiday season as a divorced person. The first one alone, in 20 years.It […]

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Overachiever Anxiety: Stop Feeling Like You Are Not Doing Enough

I was born an overachiever. Add to this I am a Type-A first born and let’s just say I have struggled to stop doing. I walked before I crawled. (And was early on that.) I was keeping to-do lists in middle school (although I bet it was actually elementary.) I took my first personal development […]

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My Story: Re-Discovering My Excitement for Life

andrea travillian

 My name is Andrea. I​ have always been a Type-A, go hard all the time person. Who also always worked on becoming better. ​I was attending personal development workshops and retreats in high school! ​I thought I knew exactly who I was and what I wanted.Little did I know that life was going to take me on a […]

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7 Reasons Travel is Good for Emotional Healing

travel for emotional healing

I love travel. but it has not always been that way. it was not till my late 20’s that I caught the travel bug. Then in my 40’s travel took on even more of a defined meaning. I finally figured out it was about more than just seeing new places or relaxing. It was healing. Emotionally healing.
It gave me the space to explore more about me. This blog covers why travel is emotionally healing.

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21 Powerful Journal Prompts for Self-Discovery

journal prompts for self discovery

No matter how experienced you are in journaling, you can still get stuck. It happens to me all the time.  I am ready to go, open my journal and nothing. Blank. The most I can get to come out is “What do I need to know today.” So I have developed many ways to get myself unstuck from writing. […]

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How To Get Unstuck Writing in Your Journal

tips for keeping a journal

I woke up for my regular routine, the key for me to be balanced. A very simple routine – coffee and journaling. Most mornings this goes off without a hitch. Except every once in a while, no matter what I try, I can’t write in my journal. I am stuck. Luckily this morning it is because […]

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What to Do When Your Partner Won’t Work on the Relationship

relationship problems

Relationships have their ups and downs. Especially the longer you are together. You both become a different person than when you first meet. You must learn how to interact with each other as you do evolve. ​These relationship problems can feel overwhelming, especially when your partner is not working on them with you. I know exactly how this […]

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How to Meditate When You Can’t Sit Still

movement meditation

You know meditation is beneficial. You have tried it. But no matter what you do you can’t sit still or get your mind to stop moving.   ​If you are like me you have decided it is just not for you. It probably is not that great after all! Before you make that final call, I want […]

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How to Deal With Loneliness After a Move

deal with loneliness

Moving is tough. Packing everything up, moving everything and then unpacking. Things never quite fit the way they did in your last place. You end up buying new stuff, and not being able to use your favorite things. Yet the hard part does not even have to do with the physical act of moving.The hard part […]

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