Hi! My name is Andrea & I am a multi-passionate small business owner.

Because of this I spread out my favorite topics onto different sites.

See below for my different sites.

emotional healing expert

* I am in the process of changing my name. You may see it still see it as Travillian, but am transitioning to Belzer

Emotional Healing & Spiritual Growth

Discover Heal Thrive

Includes: Reiki, Past Life Regression, Journaling, Spirituality 101 and more!

Personal Finance & Investing

I teach my first passion in life as a YouTube channel. Come hang out with me to learn what I have learned in over 30 years of investing.

Small Business Education & Strategy

Aspirify, Inc

I have been a solo professional for 18 years. Here I share what I have learned.


I have two podcasts. One is the Discover Heal Thrive Podcast. And the other is Meditate with Andrea. You can find them here:

Meditate with Andrea

Discover Heal Thrive